Facts and Information about Organic Food and Sustainability in South Africa

On this page we give background information and interesting articles about organic food, sustainable living and a healthier lifestyle.

Certified Organic

What qualifies as organic in South Africa?

South Africa currently (2022) has no regulations that regulate the production or labelling of organic products. The Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development has tried to set up regulations pertaining to the production systems for organic produce, however this requires changes to the Agricultural Products Standards Act that will allow for the auditing. To date, the Act has not been amended.



What is organic food?

The Food Advisory Consumer Service, FACS, is South Africa’s first independent food and nutrition consumer service.

There plenty of very interesting articles about organic food and loads of good reads about healthy eating.

For example this Article which explains what organic food means.


Faithful to Nature

What does certified organic mean?

How can one get certified?

In this Article you can learn more about the organisations and the process of how to become a certified organic producer.



Looking for organic wine producers?

Visit the Biodynamic Organic Wine website

The Biodynamic and Organic Wines of South Africa, is an association of certified Biodynamic and Organic wine producers. The association was created to form a platform for bringing together certified Biodynamic and Organic wine producers to help consumers and media to easily see which wine producers are certified Biodynamic and organic in South Africa.