Farmstalls, Local Farmers and Organic Suppliers in South Africa. For a healthier and sustainable Lifestyle.

Know your Farmer - Know what you eat. We are growing a comprehensive directory and listing of Farm Stalls, Farmers Markets and Organic Food Suppliers & Producers in South Africa.

Featured Markets and Farmstalls

Farmers and gourmet markets are very popular and entertaining. One can do the weekly shopping for fruits, vegetables, dairy products and lots of other home-made treats.
Support local businesses and farmers. This not only helps them you on the other side get higher quality and healthier products. connects Farmers, small producers and health conscious people.

Find a Farmers Market or Farm Stall near you all over South Africa. If you know a Market, Supplier or Farmstall that is not listed just send us a Message.


Certified Organic

Moringa Online Shop

Buy Moringa Products like Capsules, Creams and Balms online at very affordable prices. 

They sell delicious spices as well. Very convenient the One For All Spice.

Moringa Cape Town

Riversands Farm Village

Situated on the rustic grounds of this famous old farm, the village offers stalls selling a
variety of products including handmade goodies and food.
We provide entertainment for children and adults alike.
Playscapes will keep your kids busy for hours. For the more adventurous the zipline,
Tree Tops fun and paintball is there to explore.



Find Local Sustainable Merchants and Organic Suppliers

Support your local farmer and live healthier.
Your local farmers food is fresher and there is no or much less packaging involved.
Buying local helps small businesses and communities to survive and thrive. You know where your food comes from and it is quite often cheaper than in the supermarket.

We also support Home Stalls.

If you grow vegetables and fruit in your garden at home and you have more than you can use – then sell it.
List your details on our directory and neighbours as well as potential customers in your area can buy from you.
Jams, preserves, sauces, pickled veggies you name it – Sell it make people happy and earn some money on the side.
We call this a Home Stall.

Organic & Sustainable Food

Organic is not a Trend anymore – It is a Lifestyle!

Organic means working with mother nature. It is about animal welfare, less or no usage of pesticides. Environmentally sustainable management of the land and nature.Organic farming aims to maintain the necessary levels of biodiversity.
Organic foods are often more nutrient rich and more flavorful.
No antibiotics or growth hormones are fed to animals and no chemicals are used to kill pests or weeds.


Every time you buy organic you convince more Farmers to grow organic.

Don't Panic - It's Organic 🙂

I would like to see people more aware of where their food comes from.

–  Anthony Bourdain

Special Events

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